Fire Rating

All products Meet or exceed Federal Specification CCC-W-408 A, B, C & D wallcoverings and are class a fire rated when tested in accordance with ASTM E-84 standards and all have a CE Declaration of conformity..

Care and Maintenance

We recomend cleaning the wallcovering with mild soap and warm water.

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Recycled Content

While maintaining the traditional composition of vinyl and true fabric backing, our wallcovering products contain recycled content. Utilizing recycled content decreases the need to extract and process virgin materials, helping to reduce the pollution associated with material extraction and processing. This is in addition to the benefit of reducing the amount of waste that is sent to landfills.

Formaldehyde/Heavy Metals Free

There are no cadmium-containing or Formaldehyde Heavy Metals pigments used in the coloration of the wallcoverings.

Made in the USA

Aside from our hundreds of inventoried products we can also assist you in development of custom wallcovering should your project needs require it.

NSF 342

The NSF/ANSI 342 sustainability assessment for wallcovering products is the foremost standard for evaluating and certifying the sustainability of wallcovering products across their entire product life cycle. Our facilities proudly conform to the guidelines established by this standard.

Leed POints

Our wallcovering products can contribute to LEED projects in the following categories:

MR 4.1 Recycled Content, 10% (post consumer + ½ pre-consumer)

MR 5.1 (CI) Regional Materials, 20% Manufactured Locally (for projects within a 500 mile radius of Wayne, NJ.)

EQ 4.1 Low-Emitting Materials, Adhesives and Sealants (when using low emitting adhesives)

low VOC

our wallcovering conforms with california 01350 and conforms with california prop-65.