Guide to Safely Disinfecting Vinyl Wallcoverings

1. Follow guidelines from a reputable source, such as the U.S. EPA or CDC for suitable disinfecting agents, contact time and procedures.

2. Our wallcoverings have been rigorously tested using products with the active ingredients ethanol (ethyl alcohol), hydrogen peroxide, ammonium chloride, as well as diluted bleach. Other disinfecting agents may be suitable as well, but like any cleaning agent, should be tested in an inconspicuous area before widespread use.

3. Read and follow product manufacturer's instructions, including what precautions to take when using the product. At a minimum, gloves and eye protection should be worn, and proper ventilation ensured during and after application.

4. Unlike cleaning agents like soap, which require rubbing, disinfecting agents are designed to kill germs by being sprayed on, and ensuring the proper contact time, as indicated on the label. Scrubbing with abrasive materials is not recommended.

5. These guidelines are suitable for standard type I and type II wallcoverings with osneburg or non-woven backing. Certain specialty wallcoverings, including microfiber or mylar, are excluded.

Tested Disinfectants include:

• Chlorine Bleach (10 to 1 & 50/50)
• Hydrogen Peroxide (4.5%)
• Ethyl Alcohol (60-70%)
• Amonium Chloride Compounds
• Lysol Multi Surface
• Clorox Bleach-Free

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