How Many Rolls or Yards Do I Need? Vinyl wallcoverings are usually sold either in standard double rolls for residential consumers (27 inch wide by 9 yard "double rolls") or by the linear yard (54 inches wide) for most commercial applications ("yards").

Follow these simple steps to calculate how many rolls or yards your job will require:

1. Measure the length of all your walls (in feet).

2. Measure the height of the walls from floor to ceiling (in feet).

3. Multiply the length by the height.

4. The resulting number is the amount of square feet needed.

For Rolls

Divide your square feet by 60. This is the number of double rolls you need for your job. (Tip: For patterns with a flower or other design, allow some extra for waste.

For Yards

one yard by 54" is 13.5 SF so deivide your square feet by 13.5 - This is the total 54 inch linear yards needed for your job.( add 10% for waste)


Simply measure the length of all the walls you plan on decorating with border. The total is the total linear feet you require. When ordering a border, note the linear feet specified, and divide the total you need by this amount. (If the amount specified is in yards, just convert it to feet by multiplying the yards by 3).

Still confused?

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